How to Build an Mobile App in Just 3 Easy Steps

Building an mobile app is the future of every business today. It requires expertise across multiple disciplines of design, business, and technology. At every stage there are decisions to be made, while knowledge and experience are applied to solving problems in many different areas. But really any process can look intimidatingly complex at that level of scrutiny. As a project management technique it helps to break things down into simple steps, but getting bogged down in details right of the bat is only going to make things worse.

How to Build an Mobile App in Just 3 Easy Steps

How to Build an Mobile App in Just 3 Easy Steps

So with that in mind, let’s take a broad-level approach to mobile app development and boil it down to 3 simple steps.


The first thing to do is to establish exactly what the app is going to do, who it will be marketed to or used by, and generally work out a technically feasible goal for the project. If you’re reading this tech blog, then you’ve likely started on this step already and you’re tinkering with an idea. To complete the ideation phase, you should consider creating a basic business plan for the mobile app and working with a technology partner to flesh out the idea and fill in any gaps in your own knowledge.

Creating concrete concept documentation to explain the app’s functionality, goals, requirements, and technologies will be essential for ensuring smooth sailing as the project goes forward. The more confident you are with your decisions now, the better, because additions and changes made midway will carry costs and consequences, and it is difficult to predict the impact such changes will have on budgets and schedules.


This step encompasses the UI/UX design of the mobile app. The most important element of design for an app is to organize the content flow and information architecture. These are the pillars upon which the entire interface will be built. A proper UX will ensure your apps leads gracefully from one functionality to another, so that all users can have a frustration-free experience and achieve their goals in a timely manner.

Design also encompasses the graphic elements of the app itself. Your app’s branding and aesthetic will obviously be important things to consider, and have a big impact on the users’ impression of the app and (by extension) your brand. When creating the look of the app, it is best to follow the design standards provided by Apple or Google, as these will ensure your app fits the ecosystem well.


Programming an app is primarily done using the comprehensive SDKs provided by Google and Apple. The amount of coding tools and resources that are available, both from official documentation and from community members, is extremely valuable for app development, and proper utilization of these tools will expedite your project greatly. You need to hire a dedicated programmer to develop an app that is worth its while.

With the requirements of your project properly laid out through ideation and UX design, programming can be planned and executed very smoothly from the start. Even if your project runs into an unforeseen snag at some point, good planning in prior stages will ensure a best-case programming phase. Without proper depth of ideation and design being completed prior to this step, it is likely you or your team will end up working in circles as plans change.


When the coding is finished the app is complete and ready for submission to the app store! But don’t think your work is complete just because you’ve made it to launch! There are plenty of other measures you can take to ensure better app performance, user acquisition, brand awareness, and monetization.

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